Every mile counts

ARON is a game changing AI tool for transportation companies

01 About

ARON is a tool that maximises driving performance.

Which equals more revenue. Plain and simple.

Check how much would you earn extra by using ARON per month based on our client averages.

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02 The product

How it works? ARON maximizes efficiency of your company drivers

ARON maximizes distance truck drivers can drive

Drivers are people. And people tend to get off the course. ARON will push each driver to drive the absolute maximum distance he’s allowed to. Every minute wasted is every euro missed.

Additional km driven


per driver

Aron minimizes

Violations used to be integral part of the business. Well, not anymore. ARON AI will make sure to warn your drivers about all violations that he’s about to make BEFORE it happens via a text-to-speech technology. Why pay fines when you can keep your profits?

amount prevented:


per driver

It optimizes driving time and rest periods

ARON knows EXACTLY where to park for the night. And that is one place only - an available parking lot you reach after driving the maximum you can for the day. Make sure to use every mile to your advantage.

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per driver

In the end of the day - every additional mile is additional revenue.

If your driver exceeds his performance substantially, share 1/10th of what you made on top with him to keep him motivated. After all, If he makes 100 Eur per month on top, You make EXTRA 1000 Eur.

Single driver bonus


Aditional Company revenue gain per one driver per month


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03 Stats

Does it work?

So far all Aron users have:

  • 959824.6325

    Saved violations fines

  • 36516.4083

    Violations prevented

  • 23971406.5000

    Extra income

  • 17722.7217

    Additional work hours gained

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Average company revenue gain per driver: € 1245

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